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The Governing Body

All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a 'critical friend; to support, challenge and to ask questions.

Name Chair of Member of Type of Governor Term of Office ends Responsibilitites Register of interests
Mr Andrew Hyde     Headteacher     Headteacher
Cllr Roger Bingham             Finance, Staffing & Premisies LA 28/11/2020 History Cumbria County Councillor
Rev'd Sue Wilson   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour LA 13/12/2018
RE Governor, Heversham St Peters
Mrs Dianne Chaplow


Finance, Staffing & Premisies Co-opted 01/09/2023 Computing, Art & Design Sibling of member of staff
Mrs Helen Anstey   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Co-opted


Finished 16/12/2016

Looked After Children, English None
Mr Kaushik Mistry   Finance, Staffing & Premisies Co-opted


Science & Maths None
Dr Julia Smith   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Parent 10/10/2016
SEND, Music None
Mr Richard Wilkins

Vice Chair

Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Co-opted 01/09/2023 Safeguarding Spouse of member of staff
Mrs Julie Mulinga Chair of Governors Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Co-opted 01/09/2023 EYFS, DT None
Mrs Mandy Barnsley   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Staff 01/09/2023    
Miss Kirsty Parry   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Parent 01/11/2020

Looked After Children


Mr Steve Hemsley   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Parent 07/06/2021 PE None
Mr Bryan Kerr   Staffing, Finance & Premises Co-opted 21/03/2023    
Mr Colin Honour   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Co-opted 26/09/2023   None
Mrs Jayne Aynsley   Teaching, Learning & Behaviour Co-opted 12/11/2023    
Mrs Karen Townley     Clerk to Governors      

Governor Attendance


T, L & B 

   S, F & P 9/10/19


Full Govs 

T, L & B 

S, F & P    22/01/19

Full Govs   10/03/20

T, L & B     05/05/20

 S, F & P     06/05/20

Full Govs


Mr Andrew Hyde         
Cllr Roger Bingham N/A Apology    Ill health Apology       Ill health N/A Apology       Ill health        
Mrs Dianne Chaplow N/A N/A        
Mr Richard Wilkins N/A        
Mrs Julie Mulinga        
Mrs Mandy Barnsley N/A N/A        
Kirsty Parry N/A N/A        
Steve Hemsley N/A Apology     N/A        

✔ = in attendance
X = no attendance
N/A = not applicable

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