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Reading and Phonics

Our core reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree. This is supported by the BBC. Click here to access materials to help your child.



We use Letters and Sounds as our main phonics scheme but support this with Floppy's Phonics.

Click here to access support for phonics


Mr Parkinson has produced some additional material to help you to support your child with phonics.

Reading Pro - Key Stage 2

we are adopting a new library system for the children’s independent reading. The system is called Reading Pro and is built around a substantial amount of research.  

Students who read independently are significantly more likely to outperform peers who do not read on their own (Anderson, Wilson & Fielding 1998). This applies to every level of performance, with improvements in overall achievement experienced by students reading at least 20 minutes a day.  

With Scholastic Reading Pro, children read meaningful fiction and non-fiction books which are matched to their abilities. They are matched to appropriate reading materials according to their Lexile level (explained below), their interests and reading goals. They then demonstrate reading comprehension through short quizzes. As students engage with the program, they gather points for their reading efforts and receive targeted reading recommendations to broaden their interests and improve their reading level. Research demonstrates that readers make the most progress and develop lifelong reading habits when they are provided with books that match their reading level. Reading books that are too easy result in little challenge, and reading books that are too difficult results in frustration (Vygotsky, 1978). To provide students with opportunities to read text in their targeted reading range, Scholastic Reading Pro uses the Lexile® Framework for Reading as a tool to match readers with texts. The Lexile Framework measures the complexity of text to help teachers and parents identify reading materials that will provide students with the appropriate challenge.  

 Reading Pro Test results are based on the Lexile Framework for Reading, a scientifically accurate system for measuring readers’ comprehension levels and then matching them to texts. The Lexile Framework is a system that matches readers to texts. It is based on research that demonstrates that independent readers will be successful and grow in reading ability when they are matched to appropriately challenging texts. When a reader and text are matched (i.e. have the same Lexile measure), the reader will have a positive and rewarding reading experience. When the text is too difficult for a reader, the reader can become frustrated. If the text is too easy, the reader is often bored. When the text is just right for the reader, the reader can understand what he or she is reading, and still be challenged enough to actively apply and build reading skills, such as building their vocabulary by reading words in context, responding to text, and improving reading comprehension.  

Each time your child finishes a book, they can log on to Reading Pro to take a quiz about their book to test their comprehension. Book quizzes help to check:  

  • Has the student read the book?  

  • Has the student understood the book with basic comprehension?  

  • Is the student able to engage with this level of text?  

  • The book quizzes are designed to ensure that students can pass them if they have read and understood the book.

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