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School Lunches

Packed Lunches

All children eat together in the hall. Children can bring a healthy packed lunch if they prefer. We don't have many rules except:

  • No fizzy drinks are to be brought into school.
  • No sweets or chewing gum are allowed at any time.


🍎 We are very excited to announce that, from September 2019, we will be receiving our school meals from Orian's Primary School Catering service, Lunch Shop! 🍎

🥦 This service will improve the efficiency of ordering meals and ease of payment for parents. It will also provide a completely accurate means of billing - at the moment we run two systems alongside each other and absences have to be amended manually, which leaves a lot of room for error. 'Lunch Shop' will also be a lot more flexible, with no commitment to have school meals everyday - children will be able to have a meal at school one day and a packed lunch the following day. (And no more filling in slips! All meals will be ordered and paid for in advance, by you, online!) 🥦

🍒 During the Summer holiday, we will be having our kitchen refitted to enable us to prepare and serve meals onsite, now and in the future. 🍒


Click on the link below to see the current menus :)

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