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National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations

Our PTA group are members of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) which is a national charity representing over 13,000 PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Its objectives are to advance education by encouraging the fullest co-operation between home and school, education authorities, central government and all other interested parties and bodies.

We also receive their magazine which gives a wealth of information that we put to good use wherever we can.  The magazine can be viewed on line; just go to www.ptalocal.co.uk.

In addition to the magazine, we can also access their websites atwww.ncpta.org.uk and www.ptalocal.co.uk.  This is also a valuable resource to you as parents and carers, with signposts to useful, relevant websites on subjects such as bullying, school funding, special educational needs, homework, and much more.  It really is worth a look.

Next PTA Meeting

Thursday 11th November at 3.20pm at Milnthorpe Primary School 

Please come along - new helpers are always welcome, even if you can only make a small committment, every little contribution really does help!

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Who's Who?

Linda Kellet - Chair person

Linda is Mum to Benjamin (Year 3) and Emilia (Year 2), she lives in the village and she is also our Cook!

Linda is passionate about the work we do at Milnthorpe Primary School and has dedicated the past few years to raising money to provide wonderful experiences for our children !

She is a kind, gentle and approachable person, who happily welcomes any willing helpers to the PTA!

Say 'hello' to her when you see her in the playground :)


Ruth Rawlinson - Secretary

Ruth is Mum to Theo (Year 1) and has been a friend to Milnthorpe Primary School for close to 20 years! She is known for her calm and sensible approach to all things PTA related - Ruth is also super organised!

Ruth has spent many hours at school discos, delivering Christmas cards, hunting for raffle prizes and many, many more PTA jobs! 

Please don't hesitate to talk to Ruth with any offers of help or suggestions for fund raising actvities - she is always warm and friendly, and will greet you with a smile :)


Isabel Bromley - Treasurer

Isabel has an extremely important role as Treasurer for the PTA! She is responsible for ensuring that all monies are handled correctly, accurately and with transparency. This is the perfect job for Isabel as she is organised and businesslike - she just gets things done!

Isabel is Mum to Louis (Year 5) and Henry (Year 2) and she is a great supporter of all our fundraisng events (long before she joined the PTA) - from Book Sales to Christmas Fairs to Easter Bingo, Isabel is always first in line.

You can find Isabel and the school gate most days - she would love to meet you and chat about how you can help the PTA in their valuable work :)

How funds are spent?

Funds are spent on activities and equipment that directly benefit the children - we like to call them the 'over and aboves'! The teachers submit their request, in writing, and we review and discuss the request as a group. On average we donate £3000/£4000 per year!

We have provided monetary support for playground equipment, transport for trips, leavers year books, Christmas gifts for the children, Reception Book Bags and lots more!

The PTA also commit £300 per year per class, for the class teacher to spend on anything that they feel is appropriate.


How much money do we raise?

The amount of money raised varies from year to year - this is also dependant on whether we have a target to meet for a specific item (In 2021/2022, we aim to raise £6000 for outdoor equipment for our Nursery and Reception classes)

We concentrate on high value events, but we also like to provide events that don't raise/cost a lot of money, but are fun and enjoyable for the children - our school discos are legendary and the Secret Room at Christmas time is a joy to see! We may sometimes organise Mufti Days wear fancy dress or their favourite clothes, for chocolate boxes instead of cash! These are great social events for the children that bring the school community together and contribute to the children's positive outlook towards life at Milnthorpe Primary School!

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